Confidentiality Notice and Agreement

Thank you for participating in our study. We value your insights, opinions and ideas, and hope that your experience will be an enjoyable one. For security purposes and to avoid any confusion, we do require that you follow the procedures below. Please read the following carefully:

  • You agree to keep secret all information you see and hear during the study, including information presented to you by the moderator or interviewer, and / or other participants in the study, products that you are asked to test, and the like.
  • You agree not to discuss or disclose any of the information that you learn during the study with others or to use the information for your own benefit or for the benefit of others, and assign any such benefit to the sponsor of this study.
  • You agree that any ideas, inventions, new products, designs, and improvements discussed during the study, including any discussed or formulated by you, will be owned by the company sponsoring the study.
  • You agree not to use any concealed audio and / or visual recording devices.
  • You agree to return all of the materials distributed to you during the study along with any written notes taken by you, unless otherwise directed by the moderator or interviewer.
  • The researcher may use audio and / or visual recording devices and you agree that the researcher may use such for research purposes only.

In appreciation of your participation in the study and your agreeing to these terms, you will be compensated.

I agree to abide by all of the abovementioned terms and conditions:

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